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The Cinematic Orchestra Live at the Roundhouse

Posted in Design, Music on November 17, 2009 by strikethreeuk

Managed to, ahem, ‘borrow’ this poster from the Cinematic Orchestra gig I went to the other week. Simple but nice. In addition, the gig was amazing, with some unannounced special guests including the one and only Roots Manuva to perform ‘All Things To All Men’. Good night indeed. Rubbish picture as well, apologies.


Koushik – Beep Tape

Posted in Music, Typography on September 16, 2009 by strikethreeuk

The cover for this album caught my eye today. Nice stuff. The album is also available to download for free until the 22nd September (I think). Clicka di image fo moaaar.


Aphex Twin – Rubber Johnny

Posted in Film + Animation, Music on January 19, 2009 by strikethreeuk

This is an ‘interesting’ video directed by Chris Cunningham for Aphex Twin a few years back. I can’t really express it in words, just watch it (preferably with no young children around). Really unique, unsettling stuff.

This version will probably be flagged for inappropriate content on Youtube sooner or later, let me know when it does!

Fluke – Atom Bomb

Posted in Design, Film + Animation, Music, Typography on December 16, 2008 by strikethreeuk

I thought the last few posts were a bit monochromatic, so here’s some luminious neons for your retinal pleasure.

Above is an old song with a cool video from the Wipeout 2097 Playstation game released back in 1997. . All the design work and interface for this game was done by – you guessed it – the almighty Designer’s Republic. This work is over a decade old! Just to clarify, this was when Photoshop was on version 4.0 , Illustrator was on version 7.0, and I was just the tender age of 12!

The video is a bit cheesy, but it’s great looking at all the scenery and architecture. This is where we would be living if TDR were still going strong!